Thursday, August 1, 2013


 Before buying a gun safe, it’s important that you understand the main factors that create a more fire-resistant gun safe. The first thing everyone needs to look at is the amount of insulation that is used in the gun safe.

The thicker the insulation the more protection from fires. Next, the construction of the safe also plays a part in a more fire-resistant gun safe. The thicker steel, reinforced door frames, and gap-free construction of the gun safe’s body is important. Any open gaps around the door will allow heat to enter the safe.
Our gun safes are all pressure-formed from thick, American-made steel plates.

Champion Safe fully welds the top and bottom caps, we don’t skip-weld the body together like some of our competitors. Another factor for a better fire-resistant safe is the fire seal around the door that will expand and eliminate gaps where heat can enter the safe. You can be confident that Champion Safe’s offer only the best protection for your valuables. We don’t cut corners when it comes to fire protection.

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